Additiver – Dyser, logaritme / Additives – Nozzles, logarithm

Otto Nielsen


Trials in 2014 show a weak tendency to advantage of Spray Plus in humid conditions when almost moist occur on the leafs in the spraying situation. There is a tendency that improved coverage of the spray fan – nozzle F02-110 Hardi – on the weed leafs is more important in dry conditions while no difference is obtained in moist conditions.

Trials in 2016 and 2017 show mixing of the oil Renol S increase efficacy compared to none additive in the tankmix. Minidrift 02-110 Hardi nozzle show a tendence to reducere efficacy of the herbicides more than Low Drift 02-110 Hardi Nozzle that also reduce efficacy compared to flat fan Hardi nozzle 02-110. In this is an environmental conflict and compensating for an exchange to lowdrift or minidrift may demand an increase in dosage.