Bejdsning mod rodbrand / Fungiside seed treatments in sugar beet

Anne Lisbet Hansen


In DK, sugar beet seed is treated with Thiram (6 g TMTD) and Tachigaren (14 g hymexazole), which protect against early attacks of soil borne fungi. In 2017 in four experiments, Thiram (0, 6 and 7 g) and Tachigaren (0, 14 and 28 g) are studied. Untreated control has in average 7 pct. plants with symptoms of damping off, and the seed treatments tend to reduce the attacks. There is also a tendency for the seed treatments to increase early plant emergence and to increase the sugar yield by 1 pct. On average, over several years of testing, a reduction in damping off and a higher plant number is achieved from the seed treatments. Moreover, a tendency of 1 pct. sugar yield is measured.