Omsåning ved dårlig etablering


In three conventionally grown sugar beet fields (one in Denmark and two in Sweden), where part of the field has been re-drilled, a number of harvest plots have been laid out in both the re-drilled part and the non-re-drilled part. Yield and quality parameters are measured at harvest and the financial result is calculated for comparison. The conclusion of the three trials is that the old limit of two beets per meters, or around 40,000 plants/ha, is relatively good as a recommendation for re-drilling. It is clearly seen in the two Swedish trials that the yield drops significantly when the number of plants drops from 40,000 to 30,000 plants/ha. In addition to yield, in one of the fields wastages was measured in both the field and stack. The conclusion here is that there has been no significant difference in the wastage percent in the re-drilled and non-re-drilled parts of the field.