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When choosing sugar beet varieties, the most important parameter is yield capacity. Comparing the varieties, that have been tested for more than one year, there is a large variation in terms of yield and revenue. Fenja KWS, Ragna KWS, Celesta KWS, Nelson og Daphna give the best result in 2017. The difference between varieties in the trials this year is from +2.300 to -2.020 DKK per hectare. Daphna is the market variety with the best economy at +1.630 DKK per hectare compared to the average of all marketed varieties. This year four ALS-tolerant candidates were tested, two for the second year in three trials and two for the first year in all six trials. The yield level was significantly lower compared to the market segment without this trait.


101 103 109 114-2017
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