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In three field trials, weed control strategies are investigated. Strategies without Betanal and Betanal Power have resulted in 8-9 pct. weed coverage whereas 2-4 pct. coverage is obtained with Betanal and Betanal Power treatments. The differences have not produced any clear yield differences. Betanal Power replaced with Betanal has indicated comparable effects. Nortron is indicated to most effective when incorporating the product from timing T2 in these trials – which is mainly because of few late germinating species. There are minor differences between the tested doses of Nortron – with a tendency of dose/response. The results indicate slightly better effect of Centium (less plants per m2), where it is applied post emergence compared to Centium applies pre-emergence. The best effect of Centium is reach where Centium is used both pre-, and post-emergent.

505-2020 Mikkel Nilars
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Herbicide strategies to control volunteer oil seed rape have been studied. There is a tendency in the trial that the strategies with Centium before emergence have had an improved effect against the dominant weed species (rapeseed (BRSNN), black bindweed (POLCO) and cleavers (GALAP)) in this year’s experiment – which was not evident in the 2018 and 2019 results.

506-2020 Mikkel Nilars
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Herbicide treatment strategies in and between the rows in combination with hoeing are studied. The base is a standard strategy in the rows with two times hoeing which is then compared with different herbicide strategies between the rows with Centium, Boxer, and Proman.
The weed control in the rows has been effective and there is no clear difference between the different entries.
Between the rows, the plots that have received an early hoeing have had a weed cover on a level with standard practice, except for cleavers (GALAP), which have not been controlled at an acceptable level.
There is a tendency for the entries treated with Boxer and Proman to have an effect over untreated, but not on a par with standard practice or the early hoeing.

507-2020 Mikkel Nilars
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