Ukrudtsbekæmpelse strategier

505-2020, Mikkel Nilars, NBR


In three field trials, weed control strategies are investigated. Strategies without Betanal and Betanal Power have resulted in 8-9 pct. weed coverage whereas 2-4 pct. coverage is obtained with Betanal and Betanal Power treatments. The differences have not produced any clear yield differences. Betanal Power replaced with Betanal has indicated comparable effects. Nortron is indicated to most effective when incorporating the product from timing T2 in these trials – which is mainly because of few late germinating species. There are minor differences between the tested doses of Nortron – with a tendency of dose/response. The results indicate slightly better effect of Centium (less plants per m2), where it is applied post emergence compared to Centium applies pre-emergence. The best effect of Centium is reach where Centium is used both pre-, and post-emergent.