Bladsvampebekæmpelse i økologi

411-2022, Anne Lisbet Hansen, NBR


I to økologiske sukkerroeforsøg er produkterne Kumulus S, 1901SC, Charge og Bion undersøgt for deres
effekt ved bladsvampebekæmpelse. Kun Kumulus S er godkendt i økologiske sukkerroer.
I gennemsnit af de to forsøg i 2022 er der ikke sikre forskelle i opnået udbytte mellem behandlingerne, men
der er tendens til 3-5 procent merudbytte ved behandling med 3 x 7 eller 4 x 3,5 kg Kumulus S samt 3 x 5
l/ha Charge. Merudbyttet kan ikke dog ikke betale for behandlingerne i årets forsøg. I gennemsnit af fire års
forsøg ses behandling med 4 x 3,5 kg/ha Kumulus S at medføre 4 procent merudbytte, som er rentabel, men
denne dosering er dog ikke godkendt.


In two organic grown sugar beet trials, the products Kumulus S, 1901SC, Charge and Bion have been
investigated for their effect in disease control. Only Kumulus S is approved in organic sugar beet.
On average of the two trials in 2022, there are no definite differences in the yield achieved between the
treatments, but there is a tendency for 3-5 percent more yield when treated with 3 x 7 or 4 x 3.5 kg/ha of
Kumulus S and 3 x 5 l/ha Charge. However, the additional yield in Kumulus S cannot pay for the treatments in
this year’s trial. In an average of four years of trials, treatment with 4 x 3.5 kg/ha of Kumulus S is seen to lead
to a 4 percent increased yield, which is profitable, but this dosage is not approved.